Anointing of ease – Employment status changed

Dear Prophet Nanasei

By God’s grace I secured a contract job with a bank in Canada in November 2019. 3 months thereafter my contractual status changed to permanent surprisingly. I was verily informed that the hiring consultant hired me as a permanent employee which I disputed. I showed my contractual offer to my manager who couldn’t explain the sudden change.
I then became eligible to enrol in the employee benefits; which I did.

Well, as a believer I gave praises to God for the “shock-sprise”

About May 25 this year I noticed my status had reverted to contract 1 year without any notice. I brought it to the attention of my manager.
After some follow ups I was told the matter was before my manager’s – manager- manager- manager ( the third manager above my manager) . I prayed for God’s intervention and trusted him for his will.

I remember during  the anointing of ease we prayed over a key; thereafter I prayed unlocking my breakthrough a couple of times.

During the anointing of ease all night, I wrote down all the declaration an prayed for a change in my employment status.

On JUNE 25,  my manager confirmed my permanent role. Hallelujah. God bless you all!


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