If this is not God then who is it? Double doze

Hello Prophet, I hope all is well with you.

I have two testimonies to share,

1. I was introduced to your ministry around March ending by a friend who has been following you. At the time, I had tested positive for COVID 19 and had started suffering from major panic attacks after a friend passed from this illness.

I became glued to your ministry and I was sure to be online as soon as I had a notification from Porter’s.
I can now say to the glory of God that through you and your constant teachings on faith, I have been able to return back to work for over a month after being home for two months.

2. Prior to me becoming a Porterrian I had applied to 3 nursing schools and I would pray to the Lord to lead me to the right school.
On the first day of the 7 days dry fasting I had my first rejection. It did nothing to me, rather I began to thank God because I knew that at the end of the day, I will be led to the right school.

Through the help of God I was also able to sow $700 into the anointing of ease as directed by you. God bless you!
I wrote down the name of the college I really wanted to get into and started praying to God that if I had a choice and was within His will I end up in that school but there were two problems;
A. I had not been able to study the materials to take my entrance exam due to testing positive and my mental state at the time.
B. The examination centers closed before I could put myself together to write my nursing entrance exam.

After one prayer session, I was discussing with my mom how I really wanted one school and my inability to fulfill the requirements which automatically at the point had sort of disqualified me. My mom advised I
pray and send an email to them but I didn’t send the email. I went back to listen to your message on faith, prayed, and slept.

The next day, I woke up to an email from the head of admissions of the school congratulating me on finalizing my application. I immediately sat up so confused. I took a shower and decided to send an email in efforts
to find out what had happened. I came back to my room to meet another email from the Dean of the school which stated that from now onwards the nursing entrance exam has been canceled by the school. I knew God’s hand was at work to bring me a greater testimony.

A week ago, I decided to check my email after work and saw a decision letter from the College. PROPHET I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO IN THE PROGRAM. Not only that, I have received an annual scholarship of almost $20,000 from
the school.

If this is not God then who is it? If He cannot do it who will. I believe there is more to come walking in the anointing of ease.

Thank you so much for obeying the call of God on your life. When I see you limping as a result of teaching and praying with us all week I can only say a prayer for you. When you said you will not rest until we get breakthroughs I believe it with everything within me and it melts my heart. It’s so soothing to hear that a man of God I do not know personally will sacrifice so much just for me to receive blessings.

God richly bless you, Mama, your entire family and the team in abundance and beyond measure. I am forever grateful and as for the SHUNAMITES dier we are joining kraaaaaaaa.

Be blessed,

1 thought on “If this is not God then who is it? Double doze”

  1. Dear Prophet Nana.
    Thank you so much for obeying the call of God I came across your ministry in March this year. Intact, I am hooked now and can’t stop listening.
    I used to struggle with fasting and praying but by God’s grace and your teachings, it is much better now.
    My heart desire is to visit Potters City in person. I’d like to spend at least a week praying there. God willing, it shall come to pass. I have a few personal issues and I know once I access that alter, God will answer my prayers. I’ve been praying for over 10 years for a particular issue.
    It is well

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