Most High has really lifted His right hand in my family

Hello Papa,
My name is Stephen and I live in the US with my wife and I must say your preaching and the fasting which by your instruction we embarked has doors opened to us. I don’t really know where to start from because the Most High has really lifted His right hand in my family.

I have been jobless since March 2020 and I have been praying and believing God for a new job. One day my wife turned on the television and turned to Youtube where by grace you were live. We decided to embark on the fast and also sow seed. The following are the testimonies.

Papa I interviewed with Amazon and before the interview. I applied both the anointing of ease and the Gohsen anointing on my head .I recorded the interview. I was very happy after the interview because I thought I had answered the questions properly but Papa when i replayed the audio i realized that all that i said was chaff in fact it made me sad. Then a voice said to me why do i doubt the anointing on my head so Papa I went into the bathroom and in the mirror I told myself by the anointing of ease and the Goshen anointing they have to give me this job and if they dont they have to replace it for me whether they like it or not.
Papa they reached out to me in three days that i didn’t get the job but they have one for and asked me if I will like it. I asked them if i have to go through another interview but they said no ,mine is to accept the job or reject it. Papa I accepted it.

2. Army
Papa my second miracle is during my time of joblessness I applied to join the army. Papa I must say everything went on smoothly to the extent that the job I signed for is giving $ 7,000 just for signing and I get to keep my civilian job too as well.

3. New Car
Papa I remember in one of your fasting and all night programs. You said you saw a set of new cars and anyone who believed will own it. Papa I must say we now own a brand new Toyota Highlander ( 2020 model).

4. Examinations.
Papa I must say I sat for two different exams during this covid issues. Since I had no job at that time I decided to study and sit for the exams. Papa  I passed all with ease.

My wife and I have decided to contribute something  to the orphanage though it’s completed. We believe the job is not done. Their upkeep is of essence so we have decided to be contributing to that.  God richly bless you and May He continually use you as a vessel for His ministry.


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