“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.”


Every woman should pay attention to this: if you obey what God is saying, and submit to your husband, even if it is the devil you are married to, you will still submit to him. How can we know you are submissive? … the way you speak. When you are talking to your husband and you talk on top of your voice, you are not submissive. One day, one of my mentors told me that a man would never struggle to give money to a woman who is submissive. Do you know why men are laboring? It is because of you women, just to take care of the family. That is why even in the negative sense when a man gets money, he wants to get more women, because he doesn’t want to enjoy it alone.

Every man naturally enjoys a woman who is submissive; he will even put his head on your laps. Listen to the New Testament writer “Let all the women submit to their husbands, honoring them as Sarah was honoring Abraham and calling him my lord”.  So, your husband is your lord. My mentor, Bishop Oyedepo said, “Not even the first strife nor the first argument has my wife lifted her voice or her finger at me even when I am the one at fault”. It is not normal for a woman to shout on a man. Some of you, it may not be your fault, because you naturally grew up in an insulting environment, and so you need a spiritual renewal of the mind to come out of that character.


Pray and ask God to give you the grace to dwell together in harmony…..


Every man naturally enjoys a submissive woman.


Joshua 22-24 Luke 3

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