We warmly welcome you to the Potters City International Office page.

The Information office help visitors coming from all over the world to make a well informed decision to travel, based on the services provided and the assurance of safety and security. Potters City International Office will help you plan a comfortable and secured visit to the church during our 70 days fasting and prayer program.



Visiting Ghana for the first time? This Information Guide will help you make a well informed decision to travel from all parts of the world based on the services provided and the assurance of safety and security.

We look forward to welcoming all our guests and visitors to fellowship with us. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and a hassle-free travel.


  • Plan your travel arrangements beforehand and choose your preferred church program according to its schedule on the calendar. (insert link of church programs and their respective dates.)
  • Make sure you have a valid Passport
  • Apply for a visa if you are not a national of an ECOWAS country or a national of these other countries (insert link of ECOWAS countries and other countries with their respective categories as attached)
  • Contact these Ghanaian embassies abroad for visa application assistance. (insert link of countries and their respective addresses and contact details as below)
  • Schedule your flight to Ghana. Booking and purchasing of an air ticket is the responsibility of the visitor. (insert link of list of major airlines that fly to Ghana and their urls.)


Restaurant and Supermarket: The church has a restaurant where local and continental meals are served. There is also a church supermarket where you can purchase drinks, snacks, toiletries, etc.

NOTE: If you have any special diet requirements, please make this known to the contact person during your accommodation booking before you arrive.


Make prior accommodation arrangements with the church and pay on arrival.

There are different accommodation options including hostel facilities, chalets, family rooms, and private rooms with laundry services. The church accepts visa and MasterCard and cash. [ACCOMODATION]

Pack loose, cool and comfortable clothing to prevent overheating since temperatures in Accra, Ghana ranges from 80 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (26-35 degree Celsius) throughout the year. Keep in mind to pack decent clothing.

Potters City is a spirit filled environment with quiet and serene locations on the church premises designed for visitors to pray and mediate. These include riverside huts, small gardens, and prayer walking lanes. Your stay depends on the reason and purpose as long your VISA permits you. As a first time visitor, there few things we would need you know.

What to Expect

If you are attending a prayer and fasting programme, please note that there will be two or more services per day.

Morning, afternoon, and evening services. The church holds the Covenant All Night Service every Friday night from 10pm to 5am, as well as Sunday morning service from 7:30am to 12noon


Security Information

  • Arriving at the Ghana International Airport – The church has airport transfer services to convey international visitors from the airport to the church premises and back at the end of their stay. If you wish to enjoy this service, please note that you have to contact the church and make an advanced booking. (insert link on contact us page)


  • Apart from booking for this service, your flight details will have to be shared with the contact person. You will receive confirmation and directions about your pick up. A representative will meet you at the airport and escort you to the church. When you are scheduled to depart, a representative will escort you back to the airport, as well.


  • Rely on official representatives during your stay – From arrival to your departure, you should solely rely on representatives from Potter’s City to guide and assist you. Please do not seek assistance from strangers.


  • As long as your visit has been confirmed you will already be dealing with the Potters City officials concerning your flight information or accommodation. Representatives that will meet you at this point will provide information about the Potters City official representatives that will assist you for the rest of your stay..

For further assistance kindly contact International Office on

+233 (0) 27 400 9933

+233 (0) 24 247 2655