“Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart; for consider how great things he hath done for you.”

1 SAMUEL 12:24

The Lord told Jacob, “I am the God of your father Abraham and Isaac”. Do you know why you must serve God well? …. because there is nobody in your family to serve as a reference for God to introduce Himself to you. So, you have to serve God faithfully to become a reference point for the generation after you. This is where a generational curse stops for a generational blessing to begin. So, if you don`t serve God well, and you backslide, God will be more angry with you because He is always looking for someone as a reference point.

Isaac had his naming ceremony before he was born, “And your wife Sarah in a season by this time will carry a child and he will be called Isaac”. The boy had not been conceived but the covenant had already named him because His father Abraham served God faithfully. There are people with master’s degrees yet without any job. Do you know the reason? There is nobody in their family God can refer to, to show them His favour. That is why you cannot take the worship of your God for granted. The reason I serve God the way I do is because nobody in my family has ever served Him faithfully like this. May you from today faithfully serve God and become a blessing to your third and fourth generations.


Pray and ask God to help you serve Him with your heart, soul, and mind….


Let your Christian life serve as a reference for God to introduce Himself to others.


Exodus 23-24 || Matthew 20:1-16