“But this kind goes not out but by prayer and fasting.”     


There are principles that make prayer work. There are rules and regulations governing prayer. That was why the disciples told Jesus, “Teach us to pray” (John 11:1). They saw Jesus work all the miracles – they saw Him opening the eyes of the blind, they saw Him raise the dead and they saw Him cleanse the lepers. In the midst of all the miracles they saw Jesus do, they still said, “Teach us to pray” why? … The source of those miracles they saw Jesus do was seen in His prayer life.

The devil is always not happy when we declare days of fasting. The devil doesn’t mind a twenty thousand-capacitor church, if they don’t fast and pray, he is fine because it is not about the crowd but it is about the effect. Seven Christians who gather in fasting to pray for seven days can be more dangerous than a twenty thousand capacitor church that only does the sign of the cross and goes to sleep. Don’t sit in church and think that if you don’t pray, things will go the way you want. If God should open your eyes to see what your fasting and prayers can do in the spirit, you will not even sleep. If not because of your fasting and prayers, you will not be enjoying the things you are enjoying today. So, never grow weary in your fasting and prayers. 


Pray and ask God to help you not to grow weary in your prayer life.


Prayer must sustain anything born by prayer.


Numbers 1-3 Mark 3