“Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm.”

PSALM 105:15

There are people who carry the presence of God. God in His own infinite wisdom chose them. You may not respect them but the Lord says: “They are my chosen vessels”. One day, the Lord showed me something; He said, “Even worldly people don`t take their wicked spiritual fathers for granted but Christians take their spiritual fathers for granted.” One of the most dangerous things you can ever do as a Christian is to become familiar with the anointing that is set for your elevation.

Jesus cried twice in the Bible: one was on Lazarus tomb and it was because of unbelief. The second was in Jerusalem; and the weeping was that “If you knew the time for your visitation … how I could have gathered you like a hen gathers her broods”. For these people, God had come in the flesh and they were fighting God. Today, people sit in church and fight men of God because they think they have another one somewhere. Let me say this: you are not where you are by accident, God planted you there for a reason because not all crops survive in every soil. Maybe, the assignment God has for you is connected to the one you are undermining. So respect the anointing you are connected to for your divine elevation.


Pray and ask God to help you stay connected to the anointing He has placed you under…..


You are where you are not by accident; God placed you there for a reason.


Genesis 18-19 || Matthew 6:1-18

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