“… Even God, who gives life to the dead, and calls those things, which are not as though, they were.”


God believes in we making a boast of things that challenge Him to act on our behalf. You should not be ashamed to demonstrate your faith publicly. It is not enough to simply declare positive things over your life in the comfort of your room. The time has come for you to start declaring them in the open without fear or shame. If you are concerned about what people will say then it means you are not ready to receive any miracle.

I know a certain great man who for twelve years had no child. Doctors diagnosed that it was going to be impossible for him and his wife to have a baby. This great man came to me and asked me to pray for his wife because he believed that his wife was going to conceive very soon. This event happened between January and February that particular year. In March, his wife picked a seed and by the grace of God they are now blessed with a son. As I reflected over this whole thing, the Holy Spirit told me that the man used his mouth to call into being, what did not exist. Remember, God called the things which were not as though they were; and Jesus also said “You shall have whatsoever you say”(Mark 11:23)


Pray and boldly declare the things you want to see in your life…..


When you say what you believe, your life will become a product of what you have said.


1 Samuel 15-16 Luke 10:25-42