“The first of the first fruits of your land you shall bring into the house of the Lord your God….”

EXODUS 23:19

Tithe and offering have what they bring to you. First fruit, on the other hand, has its own release of blessing. Tithe shuts the mouth of devourers and keeps the windows of heaven open but first fruit release promotion and abundance. Logically, you don’t have to be a Christian before you can give. There are people who are not Christians but they are committed to doing charity.  There is a certain amount of power givers receive, that is why when you go to your hometown, older people can call you uncle because they know you have come to give them something.

The first thing you must know about first fruit is that it must be brought to the house of God. It is when you present your first fruit to God that He blesses the rest for you to enjoy. God says the first fruit is His and this is very true because when Israel came out of Egypt, the first country they fought(Jericho), God told them not to take anything from the place because Jericho was the first fruit. Once you are fighting, whatever comes first belongs to God. Don’t think you can make it in the natural as a Christian; you will struggle. When you commit yourself to depend on the supernatural, you will surely experience supernatural blessings in your life, and it will not come by hard working.


Pray and ask God to give you the grace to give generously……..


When you bring your tenth to God, He blesses the 90 for you to enjoy.


1 Samuel 17-18 Luke 11:1-28