“There is a way, which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is the ways of death.”


We live in a generation where people are looking for results but they don’t want to pay the price for it. One of the problems with this generation is a shortcut, but let me announce to you that there are no shortcuts with God. Do you know that the journey from Egypt to Canaan could have taken the Israelites six days or less?

Geographically, some of the borders you could use to get to Canaan were very short, but God decided to take them on routes that could take them forty years to get there. As far as God is concerned, the road to success is more important to Him than the success itself because on the road to success, there are a lot of things you must learn. God had to take them on a journey that could make them learn a lot of things. Maybe, the reason your breakthrough is still delaying is that there are things God wants you to learn from what you are going through so that by the time you get out of it, you will not only show your trophy but you will also show your scars. As I have always been saying that it is dangerous to arrive without a scar. Potters city is where it is today because of the things God had to take us through. May you receive an enduring spirit to go through those challenging moments in your life.


Pray and ask God for the spirit of endurance……


In life, it is not how fast you arrive but tough you arrive that makes the difference.


Exodus 12-13 Matthew 16