“Making the word of God of no effect through your tradition, which you have delivered: and many such things do you.”

MARK 7:13

Jesus Christ said, “You make the word of God of no effect by the tradition of your fathers”. God is not against culture, He is against wrong traditions. The difference between tradition and culture is that traditional people always live in the past that is why the Pharisees will wash their plates, wash their tables, wash their hands three times a day before they eat yet they were very wicked. So, another aspect of traditional people is that they are very wicked; they appear to be righteous but deep down their hearts they are not, Jesus calls them `raven wolves`.

People can be traditionally oriented in the church and criticize everything in the church, and it all has to do with the state of their minds. There was a time women started wearing trousers, and they were heavily criticized. People said they were going to go to hell, and this was a preaching going on in the church. This is why I know that some pastors can never have breakthrough ministries because they can criticize everything and everybody in the church. Apostle Paul said, “To the Jews, I have become like a Jew so that I can win them, to the Gentile I have become like a Gentile……..”. The reason being that when people realize that you have identified yourself with them, they will easily heed to your teachings. May the Lord deliver you from every wrong tradition.


Pray and say Lord! deliver me from wrong traditions and help me to identify myself with your people….


The fastest way to win people is to identify with them.


 Deut. 3-4 Mark 10:32-52