“Have mercy on me, O Lord. My daughter is grievously vexed with the devil.” Matthew 15:23

In the book of Matthew 15:22 onwards, we find the interesting story of a Canaanite woman.

The Canaanite woman heard about Jesus and said to herself, I have to go see Jesus!

She was contending from a position of deficiency. Her first disqualification was that she was a woman in a male-dominated society. Secondly, she was a Canaanite, which means she wasn’t part of God’s covenant people.

She was not accepted among the brethren, so she must have already had an inferiority complex.

Sometimes it looks like you’ve been disqualified already. You don’t belong to the body, you seem not to fit.

It may be as a result of a sin or a circumstance, it may be as a result of not being like everyone else around you.

Nevertheless, the Canaanite woman believed that if she could only see Jesus, He would have compassion on her.

Interestingly, she called Jesus by His Messianic name, “Son of David”. She approached Jesus with humility, reverence and respect. She said “Have mercy on me, O Lord. My daughter is grievously vexed with the devil.” Matthew 15:23

The Bible says that Jesus answered her not a word! What would you do, when you come to Jesus, expecting to find pity, expecting to receive mercy, but the hurdles are more than you expected?

What do you do, when you get to a point where the one you thought would help you, turns a deaf ear to your cry?

If you are a child of God, you will go through a time when the Heavens will be silent!

What do you do at such a time?

Keep the Faith!

Keep the Faith even when the one whom you know to be Faithful seems to act out of character!

Keep the Faith and believe Him anyway, He always proves Himself in the end.

Prayer: Lord, help me to believe you even when it seems impossible. Help me to keep the faith. In Jesus name, Amen.