“But He giveth more grace. Wherefore He saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble.” James 4:6

To have total victory over idols you must walk in humility. Pride cost the devil his seat in heaven. He wanted to exalt himself to the place of God instead of humbling himself according to the grace he had been given.

God gives more grace to the humble. But when you are proud, He himself will fight you!

Think about it. If God is against you, all evil altars will gather against you because God is the one protecting you; so if He’s against you all altars feel they have a legal right to fight you.

When evil altars see that you want to escape they will react violently. The devil knows that once you are delivered, your generations will be free.

Satan is a generational thinker.

He will let you use your own weaknesses against yourself, and when you are proud and exalted above your rightful place, he can deal with you effectively.

Pride is so dangerous because it can be there inside you and you may not know it.

Check it! The more you think you are humble, the prouder you probably are, because now you are boasting of your humility.

Prayer: Lord, today, I humble myself under your mighty hand. Have mercy on me and extract every form of pride from my heart. In Jesus name, Amen.