“And Jesus said, who touched me? When all denied, Peter and they that were with him said, Teacher, the multitude throng you and press you, and you say, who touched me?”

LUKE 8:45

Faith can never be over preached because the more of it you have, the greater your miracles. It is the only means to get God’s attention. The one who walks by faith will always attract God’s attention. This means that anytime God enters a crowd, what attracts Him like a magnet is faith. No matter the emergency God is responding to, the moment He sees faith, He will stop. Let me give you a practical example from the Bible:

One day Jairus’ daughter was at the point of dying, so he called on Jesus to come and heal her. Jesus was on his way to heal the girl when a certain woman with a blood issue came to touched Him. Jesus immediately stopped and responded to the touch and said, “Who touched Me?” By the time Jesus finished attending to this woman, Jairus’ daughter had already given up the ghost. No matter the emergency God is responding to, the moment he sees faith, He will stop. Maybe, the reason God has not stopped in your direction is that He has not yet seen your faith. I submit to you that if you can add faith to your fasting and prayers, God will redirect His attention and come to you.


Let your prayer of faith today draw God’s attention to your situation…..


It is faith that attracts the attention of God


Exodus 7-8 || Matthew 15:1-20