My sheep hears my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

JOHN 10:27

You can read the Bible and never get any revelation from it because it is the revelation you get from reading the Bible that bears faith. Once revelation comes, faith is activated. Revelation simply means, God said something and you heard him. What you hear from God is a revelation and what you hear from man is information. It is not possible to hear from God and doubt him. We often talk about the doubting Thomas; the reason Thomas doubted was that he heard from his brothers; he heard the voice of Peter and the Apostles, but when he saw and heard Jesus, he couldn’t doubt Him.

The reason our faith is not working is that we are not hearing from God. Anytime you listen to me on the radio, you can easily tell that I am the one speaking because you are familiar with my voice. The reason some of you are not hearing from God is that you are not familiar with His voice. It isn’t that God is not speaking; we are just not hearing God because no one likes talking than God. God is always speaking but you need the Holy Spirit to help you discern His voice. If you can discern God’s voice, you are already a victor. I pray that you will receive grace to discern the voice of God from today.


Pray and ask God to give you a discerning spirit to hear His voice…..


No matter how stupid the voice of God may sound, once it is God speaking, act on it


Genesis 33-35 || Matthew 10:1-20